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Who We Are

The Computer Systems Research Lab team consists of faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduate students, including:


Nagendra Gulur

Computer Architecture, AI-Hardware

Krishna Kavi

Computer Systems Architecture, Dataflow Architectures, Memory Systems, Hardware security

PhD Students

Charles Shelor

I am interested in Computer Architecture, Instruction Sets, Dataflow Computing, Near Data Computing, VLSI design, Embedded Systems Design. My dissertation research is on dataflow implementation of near data computing.

Patrick Kamongi

Research Interests in: Vulnerability Analysis, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Cryptography.

Shashank Adavally

I'm interested in Computer Architecture, mainly in microprocessor. Also interested in comparing different architectures interms of speedup and energy efficiency. My present research work deals with DataFlow Processing in Memory.

Rohith YV

Cyber security, Vulnerability assessment and differentiated levels of security for IoT devices.

M.S. Students

Arjun Gopalakrishnan

Interested in developing Health care computing, Computational Epidemiology, Pervasive computing, developing mobile applications

Brandon Potter

Computer Architecture, Cache Memories, Incremental Compilers, Operating System Scheduling, Linux Kernel Development, and Trace Guided Profiling

Jim Buchanan

Wasted write elimination throughout the memory subystem to improve performance and lower energy usage. Computer Architecture, Reconfigurable Computing, VLSI Design

Former Students

Tomislav Janjusic

Computer Architectures, Memory Allocation Techniques and Analysis, Cache System Performance - Analysis and Optimizations, and Parallel Computing

Domenico Pace

Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, SDF Architecture optimization through software pipelining methods

Giandomenico Pisano

3D-DRAM organization and performance evaluation

Guiseppe Regina

High-level software design, Low-level hardware design

Stefano Pianelli

M.S., Networking, Embedded systems, Computer Architecture, 3D-Stacked DRAM